Baby Milestones $50.00
Baby Milestones

These sessions are all about capturing the sweet milestones that happen in the first year of your baby's life! Grabbing their toes, giggling, putting anything and everything in their mouth, tummy time, sitting up, crawling and standing! My goal is to capture those precious details for you so that you have them for a lifetime!
Sessions do not have to be exactly at the 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month, or 1 Year. They can be whenever you feel like you want to capture where your baby is developmentally.

Sessions will be 30 minutes in length and will include one outfit and one background. Anything you can bring to make them laugh and/or capture their attention is perfect! Most of the photos I have in my portfolio are taken with mom/dad/me acting absolutely crazy behind the camera! So be prepared to be silly and loud to get their attention!

What session includes:
You will receive 10 edit images via digital download. You can expect your images to be ready in about two weeks. I will notify you once the images are ready to be downloaded.

Each session is $200.

3 Months
Around 3-4 months of age, baby's necks are stronger. They can lift their heads during tummy time, smile, and they make great expressions, roll over, recognize voices, turn towards sounds, and do mini-pushups.

6-7 Months
At 6 or 7 months, many babies are able to sit up or sit when supported. This is a great time for cute basket props and capturing your sweet baby sitting up on their own.

9 Months
At 9 months, many babies are now crawling and exploring the world around them. They love toys and interacting with family. Many babies are starting to stand and cruise along furniture. They love songs, such as Pattie Cakes, this little song often gets great little hand claps and smiles.

12 Months - First Birthday
Squatting, standing and walking! 12 month olds generally do not want to stay in the same spot for long. At this age I generally will need to put baby in a prop to keep them in place for a few moments to capture the image. Since these sessions are on sale you will need to provide the cake for your session, if you want a cake smash. Balloons, streamers, pom-poms, and banners always look great in the cake smash images. If you have any questions about themes and decorations give me a call and I will be happy to assist you.

1. Please bring extra wipes and diapers.
2. Any outfit or special sentimental items you would like to include. I have several outfits available for use from my personal collection.
3. If possible, please bring baby fully fed as that will give us more time for pictures!
4. Ask me if you have any questions! I am happy to help! You can give me a call if you have any questions at 270-903-1913.
Health: With all the flu cases this year and because of the nature of my job, the exposure I have to brand new babies, I ask that if ANYONE in your family is sick, that you not bring them to your session. I work extremely hard to ensure that my home and studio are free of germs and sickness, and I take the health and safety of the newborns & babies that arrive here seriously. If your child is sick, please call about re-scheduling your session.

$50 is due to book your session and the remaining $150 will be due at the time of the session.
Total Price: $50.00
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